Business and Office Related Technology

Advisors: Campbell, Rutland, Tynes

About The Program

The Business and Office program includes a basic core of courses designed to prepare a student for a variety of entry-level positions through the following areas of concentrations:

  • Accounting Technology
  • Health-Care Data Technology
  • Microcomputer Technology
  • Office Systems Technology

Admission Requirements

Priority will be given to students in the Business and Office Related Technology program that have a minimum of 16 on the ACT or an ASSET score of at least 40. Students must provide counselors or advisors either an ACT score or an ASSET score prior to orientation and registration.

Students who lack entry level skills in Math, English, Science, Speech, etc. will be required to take intermediate courses. These courses do not satisfy degree or program requirements.

Prior to enrollment in Document Formatting and Production (BOT 1113), students will be required to key straight-copy material at a minimum of 35 GPWM, on a 5-minute timed writing, with a maximum of one error per minute. Students who do not demonstrate this level of proficiency will be required to enroll in Introduction to Keyboarding (BOT 1013).

Graduate Information


Year Completed Placed
2013-14 75% 100%
2014-15 100% 100%

Health-Care Data

Year Completed Placed
2013-14 100% 56%
2014-15 100% 60%

Microcomputer Technology

Year Completed Placed
2014-15 100% 100%

Office Systems

Year Completed Placed
2013-14 100% 70%
2014-15 100% 82%