Massage Therapy

Advisors: Russell, Patterson

The Massage Therapy Curriculum is designed to offer basic training in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the human body. Basic technique modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chair Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Neuro-muscular, Pre-Natal and Sports Massage. This program is approved and licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy; License #0508. Please be advised that students must pass a Mississippi state board approved licensure examination in order to practice massage therapy. Completion of this program does not assure passage of the exam not does it authorize graduates to practice massage therapy.

Licensed by MSBMT #0508

Program Costs

Tuition and Fees*: $ 1,145.00 (2)
Room and Board*:     1,490.00 (2)
Books:       500.00
Miscellaneous:       100.00

*Fee charged per semester

Career Information

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be qualified for, but not limited to, the following careers:

Gainful Employment

Graduate Information

Year Completed Placed
2010-11 62% 38%
2011-12 64% 43%
2012-13 100% 56%
2013-14 100% 100%
2014-15 100% 71%