How to access your e-books using Bookshelf

To begin, first bring up the course in Canvas (instructions).  Then click the Bookshelf button on the course menu.  This will load the Business Center pane with the picture of your book on the right side of the screen.  Click the picture of your book to begin using the Bookshelf applet.


Bookshelf button in Canvas


Before viewing your e-books, you will have to create a Bookshelf account.  Enter either your student email address or a personal email address that can be used for your Bookshelf account then press continue.  Ensure that you can access this email address as it will be neccesary should you ever forget your Bookshelf password.


Create your Bookshelf account


Fill in the rest of the required account information.  Your password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least 1+ uppercase character, 1+ lowercase character, and 1+ special character ( @, %, &, etc ).  Check the check box to agree to their terms, then click the Finish button to complete your Bookshelf account.


Finish creating your Bookshelf account


You can now access your e-books online by going to your course's Canvas page.  If you would like to have access to your e-books offline then you will need to download and install the Bookshelf application for your device.  Go to the Bookshelf download page ( here ) and download the version of the application for the type of device you are using.  The installation process will vary depending on what type of device you are using.


Download the Bookshelf application


Once you have the application installed, open it to continue.  The display and formatting of the application will be different based on what type of device you are using.  The following image uses the Windows version of the application.  You will initially be asked to input your Bookshelf account information to log in.  After you are logged in, Click "All Titles" on the left to display all of your e-books.  Now double click the picture of your book to begin downloading it for offline viewing.  Once the book is downloaded, double clicking its picture will open the book for viewing.  If any of your books are missing from the list, try to open them within Canvas first.


Download your books in Bookshelf