The first sentence of Southwest’s mission statement says, “Southwest Mississippi Community College provides academic, career, and continuing education, meeting the diverse needs of the population at a reasonable cost.” Our outstanding faculty are hugely responsible for accomplishing that part of our mission. Our academic students transfer to universities and perform at least as well as those students who started at the university. Our quiz bowl team, with two faculty members as coaches, has qualified for the national tournament for several years in a row. We have several active honor societies on campus that are sponsored by faculty. These societies accomplish much in community service each year and are always winners at state and national competitions. Our career and technical graduates are at work all around the community and throughout the nation. Our faculty teach more than faculty at other campuses, so that helps keep class size and costs low for the students.

So if you are interested in making a positive change for your life, come see us. We will help you determine what program will work best for you, academic transfer, technical, or career. Southwest is your next best step!


Academic Calendar Fall 2022

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