In an effort to promote transparency and accountability, Southwest Mississippi Community College (SMCC) has prepared this website to describe the usage of federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds awarded the college for Fiscal Year 2010 from Mississippi’s State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF) – CFDA 84.397. SFSF are distributed on a discretionary basis by the Governor of Mississippi. ARRA contact person for the college is Grady E. Smith, Vice President of Business Affairs, or (601) 276-3704.

ARRA Allocation 1 – October 2009

Southwest Mississippi Community College was first allocated $331,909 in ARRA/SFSF funding for the Fiscal Year 2010. Faced with an economic downturn nationally, and after state revenues failed to meet amounts projected for the first quarter of the fiscal period, Governor Haley Barbour chose to reduce ARRA funds to all state-supported community colleges. As a result, the allocation was reduced by $16,880, and SMCC’s final ARRA/SFSF allocation totaled $315,029.

The college determined to use the funds to pay a portion of the cost of utilities, in accordance with the federal guidelines on acceptable usage of ARRA funds.

ARRA Allocation 2 – March 2010

Southwest Mississippi Community College was awarded an additional allocation totaling $148,545 in ARRA/SFSF funds for the Fiscal Year 2010. This allocation will also be designated to defray the cost of utilities and will assist the college in offsetting a portion of the $747,797 lost in funding from cuts in state appropriations.

The college extends its appreciation to U.S. taxpayers and government officials for making this program possible and for supporting America’s community colleges.

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