Transfer Policy


Acceptance of transfer credit to the Associate Degree Nursing Division (ADN) is determined on an individual basis and transfer policy. Transfer students applying for admission to the ADN Division must apply to the college, be accepted and meet Southwest Mississippi Community College's (SMCC) transfer policy (see SMCC Catalog). Any student seeking transfer from another nursing program must meet the same criteria as the ADN admissions. Transfer application deadline is the same as for regular admissions (March 1st for Fall semester and October 1st for Spring semester).

The ADN Academic and Admissions Committee examines proposed transfer credits for uniformity with the required ADN curriculum courses. Transferable college credits must be similar in content and in theory/laboratory credit hours to those of the ADN curriculum (see SMCC Catalog).

Previous nursing courses, if equivalent in content and in theory/laboratory credit hours to NUR 1109, may be considered for transfer. No credit will be considered for nursing coursework completed more than two years prior to the student's application for admission. Any student with a failure in a nursing course is not eligible for transfer.

Equivalent nursing courses must be completed successfully at the transferring institution to be considered for transfer credit. An LPN who has taken and failed Fundamentals of Nursing at another college is not eligible to apply to the LPN to RN Transition program. 


  1. Meet the admission and acceptance criteria for SMCC;
  2. Meet the admission and acceptance criteria for the ADN Division;
  3. Provide the following documentation for review by the SMCC, Associate Degree Nursing Division, Academic and Admissions Committee, 1156 College Drive, Summit, MS, 39666:
    1. Letter requesting transfer
    2. Transcript copies of all college work
    3. Catalog(s) from colleges at which course(s) were taken
    4. Syllabi and any extra course materials
    5. Letter of recommendation from the director of previously attended nursing program regarding eligibility for return to that nursing program (Student must be in good standing and eligible to return to that program).
  4. The Academic and Admissions Committee will notify the student in writing the decision regarding transfer.