How to add your contact information to Bear Aware


Students can receive important school messages, including campus closure notifications, via the Bear Aware service.  Within the first few weeks of the semester, all students should receive an email to their Student E-mail account which contains their default Bear Aware account information.  If you have not received the following email then you can send an email to for support.


Bear Aware Email


Once you have received your Bear Aware email, either follow the link in the email or go to the SMCC Homepage and click the Bear Aware link.


Bear Aware Link on SMCC Homepage


Enter your User Name and Password from the Bear Aware email then click Sign In to proceed.


Bear Aware Login


Once you sign in, you will be prompted to change to a new password.  Select a new password that is at least 6 characters long then click Change Password.


Bear Aware Password Change


This will take you to your Bear Aware Dashboard.  Here you can add additional contact methods if you would like to recieve SMS, voice, or secondary email notifications.  To add a new Contact Method, click the dropdown box below Contact Type and select your desired Contact Method.  Fill in the required information for that Contact Method then click Add to add it to your account.


Bear Aware Add Contact Method