MEI Get on the Grid Campaign

Help us spread the word. 

Mississippi's economic future largely depends on the quality and quantity of tomorrow's workforce. Most young people are not aware of the many attractive career options in advanced manufacturing and energy. These jobs are in high demand, and about 75% of the jobs require technical level or specialized training with the remainder being professional positions, like engineering. More importantly, jobs in these sectors pay well above the private sector average. 

To raise awareness and interest in these opportunities, the Mississippi Energy Institute and its numerous partners have developed a web-based resource, Get on the Grid, designed for use in the many career awareness and workforce development efforts across Mississippi. 

We encourage you to forward the website throughout your networks and communities. Young people need to know these high-tech opportunities exist as they consider career options. As you will see on the site, we aim to capture interest and then direct site visitors to professionals around the state at community colleges and universities. 

Please help us spread the word by forwarding the website.

content courtesy of the Mississippi Energy Institute