Disability Support Services

Classroom And Testing Accommodations

Disability Support Services assists in determining the classroom accommodations that are most appropriate for students with disabilities based on documentation of their disability. Disability Support Services encourages communication with instructors regarding accommodations. Disability Support Services will provide eligible students with Accommodation Letters regarding their classroom and testing accommodations to give their instructors. Examples of classroom and testing accommodations are varied, but may include: Adapted testing arrangements, extended time on tests, testing in a distraction-free environment, assistance with alternative formats of textbooks, and advocacy with the SMCC Housing Department for help with living arrangements.

Intake Process

  1. Applications are available at the Disability Support Services office or by clicking on the above links.
  2. Provide Disability Support Services with documentation of your disability.
  3. Return or mail the completed application to:
    Rhonda Gibson, Director of Disability Support Services
    Southwest Mississippi Community College,
    Kenna Hall-Room 129
    Summit, MS 39666
  4. Contact Disability Support Services at 601-276-3885 to schedule an intake interview.

Important Notice

Any student that wishes to receive accommodations for a disability must register with the Disability Support Services Office each semester. To ensure timely delivery of accommodations, students are advised to begin the intake process at least six weeks prior to registration for classes.

Contact Information:

Rhonda Gibson, Director of Disability Support Services
Kenna Hall-Room 129