Intellectual Property Rights

Southwest Mississippi Community College maintains rights to intellectual property created at college expense. The college reserves rights of ownership of all intellectual property including, but not limited to, curricular materials, books, web pages, electronic publications, and programs written or otherwise created by a student, instructor, or staff member while using college materials or equipment and while working during time that is compensated by the college. All classes of intellectual property, scientific and technological developments, materials or objects created or produced by a faculty or staff member on personal time without the assistance of SMCC personnel, equipment, materials, or facilities, shall be the exclusive property of the individual. If college resources are used during personal time to create intellectual property, the creator should consult the Vice-President of Financial Affairs to determine a reasonable compensation for the use of college resources.

It is the responsibility of the creator of any form of intellectual property to ensure that copyrights held by other entities are not infringed and that appropriate permission has been obtained for the use of copyrighted material by adhering to the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). Creators of intellectual works that are not partially owned by the college own the copyrights of their works and are free to register the copyright and receive any revenues which may result.

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