Dual Enrollment

Are you interested in participating in college classes at your high school?  Do you want to get a head start on the completion of a college degree?  If so, check with your high school to see what dual enrollment/dual credit options are available to you through Southwest Mississippi Community College. 

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit classes are offered to high school juniors and seniors of our four-county district (Pike, Amite, Walthall, and Wilkinson) who have demonstrated they are capable of learning at the college level.  All instructors are qualified to teach college classes as determined by Southwest, and the dual instructors will use the same course description, student learning outcomes, pre-requisites, and textbooks as the traditional campus.  You will need your counselor to submit some information for you to be eligible to participate, so contact your high school for those details. 

The first step is to complete an application for admission to Southwest.  Once the counselor has submitted your transcript and a recommendation letter, we can add your class(es) to your schedule.  Then all that’s left is to arrange payment, either personally or through your high school.


Instructions for Completing Dual Enrollment Applications (PDF)


Tuition for the first fifteen cumulative credit hours of dual enrollment/dual credit is greatly reduced, as is the course materials fee.  Tuition for a dual enrollment class is $150 per three- or four-hour course, and tuition for a dual credit class is $125 per three- or four-hour course.  The course materials fee is $110 per semester for less than twelve hours per semester.  You may defer half of your charges until after you graduate, and then if you attend SMCC full-time the semester after you graduate, we will scholarship what is left on your account. 


Dual Deferred Payment Agreement Form - Revised December 2022 (PDF)


Southwest offers several dual enrollment/dual credit classes online for high schools that do not have enough interest for a course or do not have a qualified teacher.  The following classes will be offered online as dual enrollment/dual credit:  General Biology I and II, American History I and II, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, English Composition I and II, World Literature I and II, Psychology, Sociology, and Public Speaking.  Check with your high school to see which of these online courses they will offer.


Check out the charts below:


Dual Enrollment

Number of Hours Tuition Course Materials Total Charge Amount to be paid before classes begin Amount to be deferred
3-4 $150.00 $110.00 $260.00 $130.00  $130.00
6-7 $300.00 $110.00 $410.00 $205.00  $205.00
9-10 $450.00 $110.00 $560.00 $280.00  $280.00

Dual Credit

Number of Hours Tuition Course Materials Total Charge Amount to be paid before classes begin Amount to be deferred
3-4 $125.00 $110.00 $235.00 $117.50  $117.50
6-7 $250.00 $110.00 $360.00 $180.00  $180.00
9-10 $375.00 $110.00 $485.00 $242.50  $242.50



Still have questions?  Contact your high school counselor or Megan Jones, mjones@smcc.edu, 601.276.4803 at Southwest.